Hello and welcome to updunk.com. My name is Jason and me and my group of friends decided to create a basketball website. Our aim is to provide the best basketball tips and in-depth gear guides. Because some of us work in sportswear stores while other play semi-professional we can easily test out gear. We regularly come together to shoot some hoops both inside and outside.

jason miller

Jason Miller

Since we are a group and we all have access to gear and actual competitive basketball experience we are in a unique position to give advice to other players who need help on what gear to buy or how to improve their game.

me and my friends

I am the face and the brains behind this website. I studied journalism in college and regularly provide basketball game reports for websites and newspapers as a freelancer. I am passionate about all things basketball and am very grateful that I can do my part in this amazing industry.

I tried to be a professional player but it became clear very early on that I wasn’t good enough. As a writer and journalist, I hope I can put all the valuable information me and my friend have to offer online in a way that is easy to understand for anyone. I hope you the reader will find updunk.com a valuable resource.

me playing ball